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Carnelian Jewelry Set

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Carnelian Jewelry Set
Carnelian Jewelry Set
Carnelian Jewelry Set

Beautifully banded Carnelian stone wire wrapped in Copper fur the perfect pendant. It dangles from a necklace of dual leather cords of brown and black. Similarly designed bracelet accompanies it fit a dumpster set. Hook and eye handmade clasp. 

Carnelian: Root and Sacral chakras are balanced by this stone. Stimulating the metabolism, aiding in menopause, and improving concentration. It was also thought to help protect the one on their death transition and aids in removing fear.

Copper: It has a 10k history of human usage, the first metal showing up in Egypt and Sumeria Cir., 3900 BC. Copper stimulates the flow of energy and may leave a green mark on your skin. A sign that it's entering your body balancing other elements present in our bodies. A pinch of salt and lemon juice drops to clean. 

Bracelet: 8in ( email jewelryuluv.gmail.com )after ordering for a different size. )

Necklace: 24in ( email jewelryuluv.gmail.com ) after ordering for a different length)

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